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About BEHQ

BEHQ is a chemical manufacturer specialized in water treatment (open and closed circuits, drinking water and pools) and distributor of the most complete range of test kits along with analytic equipment from the best brands (LaMotte, Taylor, Lovibond, Hach, Aquachek).

Our prestigious home-manufactured product line “PISCIMAR” is used among many pool maintenance professionals all over Europe. We also fabricate the notable “PISCIMAR ALL STAR” range that solves all the problems likely to occur in water pools such as: algae, sun oils, phosphates, insects, leaks, black and pink algae, etc.

BEHQ has been selected by the best leading international brands of the industry to distribute their products in Europe. BEHQ is currently an official distributor of HAYWARD, TAYLOR, LAMOTTE, PENTAIR, AQUACHEK, inter alia.

With over 20 year experience in the industry, we have included our own different product lines such as HYDROLINE HEAT POOL (heat pump range), HYDROLINE POOLS (designed for both steel or polyester pools), BONAQUA POOL SYSTEM (unique system for pool and spa chlorine-free maintenance), PISCIMAR COVER (low pool enclosures), DIAN-NET (automatic dosing systems) and GILNOX and OSMINOX (osmosis and decalcification as water treatments).


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