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Professional brand of concentrated chemicals designed for the treatment of water in public and private swimming pools. Our product range meets the chemical balance water needs of your pool by offering adequate treatment.


A well-known brand in the professional pool industry, especially our unique and exclusive product line “AQUA.NET MAGIC”, high quality products that achieve amazing results and offer a quick and efficient solution to specific water related issues.

Our specific products have the capacity to :

  • Eliminate all types of algae (black, brown, mustard, pink, white and of course the green algae).
  • Remove stains from the pool walls and bottom without emptying it.
  • Recover a green water in less than 12hours.
  • Clarify and brighter water, eliminate pollen, mud, sun creams and oils without damaging the filter and saving you water and money.
  • Prevent insects in the pool.
  • Seal leaks.


All our products meet the highest national and European standards, with certified quality standards and are subject to strict control after each fabrication.

Each group of products has a label with a defined color and all products are classified according to their function which eases their identification. On the label of the products, it is mentioned whether the product is suitable or not for pools with liner and/or equipped with a salt chlorinator.

In BEHQ S.L, we are constantly widening our product ranges so that we can meet the increasing needs of pool professionals that are always facing new issues. We are also investigating the creation of new treatments in order to improve our product, provide greater comfort and make pools more enjoyable.

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