Hydroline salt system 2.0 by Hayward - Private pools chlorine generator - BEHQ S.L

Hydroline salt system 2.0 by Hayward


New generation of salt electrolysis equipment HYDROLINE SALT SYSTEM by HAYWARD. You can automate the control and dosage of pH, the probe is connected directly to the unit and this gives the order to the metering to add the Baja liquid pH.


PSB with optional ORP control.



  • Generates chlorine from sodium chloride.
  • Removable digital screen.
  • Salt concentration reading. Optimal level 3,0 g/L.
  • Inform of excess / low salt level.
  • Super chlorination function.
  • Percentage adjustment of the production level.
  • Flow and temperature sensor.
  • Slef-cleaning cells, polarity reversal.
  • Cell life of over 10.000 hours.
  • T-CELL by Hayward.
  • Optional: pH dosage and control*.
  • Optional: ORP control that enhance Chlorine production and extends cell life*.

*pH dosing pump and probe.


*ORP control: chip easy installation over the main electronic board. The gold ORP electrode enhance more stable readings.


by Hayward