Analytical Department - BEHQ S.L.

Our high quality products and equipment are the result of 25-year experience and diligent research

Analítica - laboratorio

For BEHQ, providing an excellent service is crucial. It leads us to constantly improve our products so they meet the specific needs of our distributors, customers and professionals of the industry who place their trust in our work.

That has made us invest human and financial resources, time, research and dedication in developing our analysis equipment range.

Our R&D department incorporated its vast 25-year experience in the brand “Fast Test Kit®” to meet end user expectations.

FKT kits and instruments bring all our expertise, experience and knowledge together. We are therefore proud to say that we offer the best quality-price ratio between the purchase price and the accuracy of chemical analysis for each type of analysis and field of activity.

  • Drinking and treated water test.
  • Wastewater test.
  • Food testing.
  • Farming testing.
  • Equipment for environmental awareness and education.
  • Circuit and legionella testing.
  • Pool and spa analysis.
  • Supplies for specialized laboratories.


Field devices, photometers, portable laboratories, HACCP self-control system, test kits, fast tests, testing for level of biocides.

“We are official Lovibond technical service.”